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Peak Sherpa Energy Bites deliver optimal nutrition to help you reach peak performance for your outdoor adventures.

Unlike a typical gym workout, nearly all outdoor adventure activities - such as hiking, kayaking, and mountaineering - involve longer periods of exercise. These types of endurance activities require the right balance of nutrients to maintain optimal performance, fueling muscles and replenishing electrolytes lost in sweat. Peak Sherpa Energy Bites are designed to meet this intended purpose. 

We crafted our recipes by working with nutritionists and food scientists, using all-natural organic ingredients that are not only delicious, but deliver optimal nutrition to fuel your body's energy needs.

Simple and Complex Carbs: Glucose from organic brown rice and tapioca syrup for instant energy and Tsampa for long-lasting energy, optimized for endurance and high-intensity exercises. Learn more about the importance of carbohydrates in exercise performance.

Complete Protein: Egg white and pea protein for the essential amino acids needed to refuel muscles and speed up muscle recovery. 

Healthy Fats: Almonds, pecans, and almond butter - ideal for fueling low to moderate intensity activities and providing satiety (learn more). 

Electrolytes: Himalayan pink salt and a blend of potassium and calcium-rich ingredients replenish key electrolytes lost in perspiration. Learn more about the importance for replenishing electrolytes.

The nature of outdoor activities involve a mix of exercise intensities, from low/moderate to periods of intense exertion. By choosing the right types of ingredients, we ensure that your body has the nutrition it needs for you to perform at your peak at any intensity and duration.