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Energy balls prototype testing on Everest


We developed our new Peak Sherpa Energy Bites from the ground up, with the mission of creating the ultimate long-lasting energy snack.

We didn’t do this by holding focus groups in boardrooms, but by engaging hundreds of Sherpa guides and other professionals in the mountaineering industry. We attended their meetings, asked them questions, and gave them prototypes to test on the tallest mountains. With their feedback, we created a product that THEY wanted to have in their backpacks.

Here’s what they wanted:

1) Bite-size pieces.

Climbers and mountain guides told us that they rarely eat a whole bar at one time. They preferred multiple pieces that they could eat in smaller portions.

2) Resealable packaging. 

Because our product is designed to be eaten over time, we needed a way to keep it fresh. Our packaging is unique, with a resealable peel-back opening—the first of its kind in the US energy bar market.

3) Balanced nutrition for endurance activity.

The outdoor professionals we spoke to didn’t want another heavy protein bar that sat in their stomachs, and they didn’t want gels that only gave them a 30-minute sugar rush. We’ve created an energy snack with a wide-ranging nutrition profile that meets the unique needs of climbers, hikers, and other endurance athletes.

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